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Steers Mini Coaches provide a written assurance that appropriate operating procedures are followed and that suitable safety management systems are in place.


We ensure that all drivers are:

  • checked regarding their health/fitness to drive and previous driving experience.
  • are CRB checked and have no child related criminal convictions.
  • have a full current PCV licence.
  • do not have recent (within the past 10 years) convictions for serious driving offences - e.g drink-driving.
  • are not facing impending prosecution for any serious driving offences.
  • adhere to strict working hours according to tachograph rules and regulations.
  • are informed about and prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • are prohibited to use mobile phones or radios in the coach unless it is stationary, or the equipment is fully "hands-free" operated.

We give assurance that:

  • we have a current and appropriate PSV Operator's Licence.
  • is assessed regularly (at least annually) by VOSA (Vehicle and operator Services Agency).
  • has full insurance for all drivers and vehicles including adequate public liability insurance.
  • has suitable and sufficient breakdown cover and/or other arrangements to ensure that a replacement vehicle can be guaranteed if required.
  • in the event of a vehicle accident or breakdown, all drivers are familiar with and trained in recommended emergency procedures.
  • that we are not at present under any investigation, pending possible disciplinary action by VOSA or possible prosecutions.
  • all vehicles have a current MOT certificate.
  • all vehicles are maintained and serviced regularly and records are available on request for inspection.
  • all seats are fitted with fully operational seatbelts.
  • all vehicles  are fitted with fire extinguishers and fully maintained first aid kits.
  • all emergency exits and door closures on vehicles are checked daily and in good working order.

We take safety very seriously and advise when making transport arrangements for others, the law requires the organiser to be aware of their legal obligations and expects safeguards and systems to be in place for

this purpose. 


We have carried out independent research and recommend if you need any assistance  regarding this matter BUSK UK, are a leading independent advisors on transporting children and young people safely by road and provide guidance on how best to do that.

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